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TOPIC: A Mine Near The Queen's Head In Glanwydden 17/3/16

A Mine Near The Queen's Head In Glanwydden 17/3/16 1 year 11 months ago #28281

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Christ on a bike.... It's been 1 year and 1 month since the last trip report. Come on peeps!!!

Now before anyone spouts up to inform me of the official name of this mine, I already know. The reason for not including it will become apparent as you read on.

We kitted up and headed into the woods to take a look at the lower adit. None of us went in (I've been in before and it really wasn't worth the effort) and no-one else fancied it. Soon we were making our way up the steep bank, aided by an old piece of incredibly sharp winch cable which presumably is original to the mine. Passing what was probably the magazine and an old water tank we arrived at the middle adit. Every time I visit this mine, I'm always amazed by how much material has been extracted. Sadly there are less and less mine carts there every time I visit :(

Once we were done with the middle level, we headed up the mountain again where we quickly located the upper level. Once inside, the others (none of whom had been before) were amazed by the size of the huge chamber. We had a good mooch around and Mr. T and Mr. B explored the level a short way up the wall of the chamber. We can now confirm that this is the connection to the middle level (it connects to the shaft with the 2 pipes in)

On my last visit here in Jan '16 I was walking in to the upper level and was greeted by material falling from the ceiling above the chamber. Anyway, back to last night's trip. Mr. T was in "Full Ferret" mode, eyeing up a cement mixer stand that had been thrown down there. While he was near the general area the material had fallen from last time, I asked him to look up and see what was up there. He thought he could see another chamber. Once we were all back at the top of the chamber someone asked what was up the short incline. I was sure I'd been up there and it went dead. Mr. T was still in "FF" mode so went for a mooch. Turns out I was wrong (it does happen once in a blue moon) To the left at the top of the incline is a slope heading down which comes out in the roof of the big chamber. There is also a shaft to surface which comes out just beyond the fence of the quarry above, and also a short level too. So we've answered a lot of questions about the place.

We then started the descent down the mountain. Completely out of form, I didn't fall over once! We arrived at the car park where the land owner was waiting for us (always an awkward moment)

Given that we were all wearing caving lids, he wasn't really buying the 'out for a walk' crap we were trying to feed him. He asked Mr. T. which club he belonged to, to which Mr. T replied "I belong to many clubs". His main worry was his liability. I sheepishly explained that his arse was covered on that point and went on to ask him for permission to mooch around his quarry. His reply was "absolutely no chance whatsoever" He then went on to say, if we pre-arrange a trip with him he would be far more amenable. I asked again "at your convenience, would you be willing to show us around the quarry"? "Absolutely no chance" was his reply. So at least we've cleared that up :blink:

It's worth mentioning that he had received a phone call from someone who had seen lights on the mountain. So if anyone is planning a visit, daylight will be your friend!

So finally, the reason for not including the name of the mine anywhere is so the webcrawlers don't index it and hopefully the landowner and other muggles won't find it.

Stay safe people x
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A Mine Near The Queen's Head In Glanwydden 17/3/16 1 year 11 months ago #28284

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You could have shortened all of that to ....

"We got caught"

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